To use the files on the following sections you need first to download them on your computer. You can then upload them from your computer to your GSM via infrared link or a data cable. If your GSM is not equipped with such communication possibilities then you cannot use the files present on this site.

As you will see, this site contains a rather important quantity of files. It is possible that some of these are not correctly sorted. I am trying to improve the sorting of all them.  To avoid downloading to your GSM inappropriate files, I strongly advise you to first download them on a computer. In a second step, check on this computer the properties of this file. If they are compatible with your mobile phone, then you can try to load them into it.

I decline all responsibilities if your phone is damaged by the manipulations your are doing with files found on this site. As almost everybody in the software industry, I do guarantee nothing, you are responsible for everything. All right, now you have been warned. Have fun by surfing this site.

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