Renting Conditions

The advertisement space can be rented under the following conditions:

    - Pixels are rented by a minimum of 10 x 10 pixels.
    - Pixels are rented for 0,1 EUR per pixel and per month.
    - A link is associated to the rented pixel surface. This link will be set in coordination with the renter.
    - The renting is based on a 6 months contract. The contract will then renewed itself automatically from month to month.
    - The renter will pay her/his rent every months. Each month has to be paid in advance.
    - The price will stay unchanged during the contract duration. Rent prices can only be changed at a contract term.
    - LMProg keeps its right to end a contract if the advertisement does not match our ethic and morality principles.
    - LMProg keeps its right to refuse a renter if her/his advertised content does not match our ethic and morality principles.
    - The contract can be ended with a one month notice by LMProg, or the renter.
    - A default of payment will immediately end the contract.
    - The renter has no right to sub rent its rented space.
    - All contractual and legal disagreements will be resolved by the appropriate departement of the Luxembourg Court of Justice.

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